Episode 2 - You're Pregnant, Should You Smoke?

Dr. Julie Holland - Doctor of Psychiatry and four-time book author.


This week Matthew and I are joined by Dr. Julie Holland, psychiatrist, author, mother, and radical thinker about substances and how they contribute to human health. 

Julie was the first doctor I spoke to when I was debating writing about the new world of cannabis and in ten very compelling minutes she laid out the reasons I should upend my life and go for it. The plant, she said, is a fuel, a food, a fiber and a medicine that’s less addictive than any other drug we know. And then she added:

“There is something to be said for having an improved mood, being more hopeful, less anxious and sad. From a psychiatric point of view, that’s therapeutic, not “‘unwanted side effects.’”

“You’re a very unusual psychiatrist”, I said.

“I used to struggle with therapeutic and recreational divide but the truth is recreation is therapeutic. What’s good for your head is good for your body. And that it’s illegal because it makes you laugh? I’m a psychiatrist and I’m telling you that’s insane.”

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Joe Dolce