Episode 3 - A "Sweet", New Way to Get High

Top trail lawyer, Joe Bondy along with popular NYC chef Ron Silver.


Edibles are exploding but there are two very persistent problems with these little bonbons of delight. 1. Dose and 2. The hour and half (on average) they take to kick in.. The first problem can be solved with a little education. It also helps immensely if you live in a legal state where dosage is clearly labeled on the package. The 2nd concern requires experience and patience. If you’re impatient and think nothing is going to happen and continue to eat more it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll end up in some corner cowering and having a very uncomfortable experience.

Everyone who listens to this podcast knows exactly what I mean.

Our guest this week has come up with a product that addresses both concerns. Ron Silver is a restaurant owner and chef based in NYC. He has taken it upon himself to devise a THC-infused sugar that uptakes in 15 minutes and is fully doseable. A half teaspoon is a gentle 2.5 mg lift; a full teaspoon is 5 mg etc… This give you what’s always been missing, control. And for many of us, being able to control your out-of-controlness is exactly what we want from our edible experience. 

We’re also joined this week the the estimable Joseph Bondy, one of the top criminal defense attorneys in the US, who has spent his career defending people accused of drug crimes. He was good enough to walk us through the latest attempt by Attorney General Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions amp up the War on Drugs. Tune in to get the scoop on the motivation behind his nefarious moves.

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Joe Dolce