Episode 1 - What Trump/Sessions Means for the Future of Weed

Ethan Nadelmann: Founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance.


We're thrilled to be launching the The Brave New Weed podcast to coincide with the advent of this year's High Holidays, 4/19 Bicycle Day, 4/20 Cannabis Liberation Day, and 4/21, Earth Day. To get us started we sat down with Ethan Nadelmann, who earlier this year announced he was stepping down from his position as the head of Drug Policy Alliance. For a quarter of a century Ethan has made it his mission to end the expensive, ineffective and unwinnable War on Drugs, and in this podcast he talks about his wins, his losses and what silliness and scariness we can expect to see from the Trump/Sessions regime.

Have a listen and let us know what you think and who you'd like to hear at bravenewweedcast@gmail.com. We're all ears!

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