Episode 9 - The Secrets to High-Fidelity Vaporization

What's the best vaporizer? How can I get more flavor and more power from it? Does it have to be expensive? Get the lastest from the man who has designed the "iPhone of vaporizers."


If you don’t enjoy inhaling hot smoke, or are in search of the cleaner, cooler high you might consider investing in a high-quality conduction vaporizer. (I mean “cooler” as in “less hot"--the oils melt at a much lower temperature than the plant matter). It’s going to set you back around $300 but the richer flavor and the clearer high might be worth splashing out for.

The Firefly 2 has been called" the iPhone of vaporizers," an easy analogy since Mark Williams, one of Firefly’s co-founders and this week’s guest, was a UI designer at Apple for most of his career. In 2000, he decided to combine his dual fascinations with technology and cannabis. With his business partner, Sasha Robinson, he engineered an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean handheld convection device that vapes both flowers and concentrates with excellent results.

Side note: If you’ve been confused by the difference between conduction and convection vaporizers think of a skillet vs. an oven. Conduction (skillet) heats a metal plate that “fries” the oils and some plant matter. Convection (oven) circulates hot air around the plant matter, melting the oils only. Go for convection if you can swing it. 

The beauty of Firefly2 (or other handheld convection device such as The Crafty or The Mighty) is that you don’t need to be a connoisseur to use them successfully. But as Williams, a self-confessed vapor nerd, explains in this podcast, there are many nuances and surprises to designing a high-fidelity vapor experience. 

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Joe Dolce