Episode 29 - How Can Cannabinoids Disrupt the Opioid Crisis?

Dr. Dustin Sulak, Founder and Medical Director of Healer.com, explains some of the latest research.


Multiple Choice: How can cannabinoids disrupt the opioid crisis?
   •    They enhance opioids’ pain-relieving capacities?
   •    They reduce opioid tolerance?
   •    They ease the side-effects of opiate withdrawal?

The answer is: all of the above and this week’s guest, the esteemed Dr. Dustin Sulak, walks us through the latest research on how this works. Here we have a solution staring us in the face – 115 Americans die every day from opiate dependence -- yet just a handful of US physicians, let alone politicians, are talking about it. Listen to this AMAZING interview and check out Healer.com’s clinical guide that walks medical professionals though a step by step protocol of using cannabis to ease suffering.

In other news…yours truly gave a talk at Green Flower Media’s Cannabis 101 Summit and you can view it for free until July 2. The topic? “Relief Without the High!” for patients suffering from Pain, Insomnia and/or stress – in short, everyone we know over 40 years old. Other topics covered include Microdosing with Cannabis and a User's Guide to Making Your Own Meds If You Don’t Live in A Legal State. Pay attention, Jeff Sessions.

The reviews to date have been glowing (perhaps some of those reviewers had a little Relief WITH the High.

And finally, I’m getting this close to launching MedicalCannabisMentor.com, the world’s best online learning platform for people who want to learn the latest about medical cannabis. The initial courses are for three separate groups, healthcare practitioners, patients, and folks who work in dispensaries. You can sign up on the site to keep abreast of the news. I’ve been working on this project for close to a year (our medical director is the fantastic Dr. Junella Chin, a regular on this podcast) and I think it’s the best information presented in the most compelling way. The rollout will be happening through summer and autumn 2018!

Joe Dolce