Episode 28 - If you know any Bigs in the NFL, forward this to them NOW

Dr. Anne Morgan recovered from a harrowing Traumatic Brain Injury with the help of cannabinoids. Her doctors found no other explanation.


Pro football players (not to mention hockey players or boxers or military veterans) sustain thousands of knocks on the head each season. Each time the brain hits the skull, untold numbers of neurons are damaged, forever. Over time, Traumatic Brain Injury (also known as CTE, chronic traumatic encephalopathy) causes brain degeneration, which can lead to memory loss, Parkinson disease and early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s. The NFL has considered changing the design of helmets, but that’s about as effective as changing a pair of socks to prevent a broken leg.

Dr. Anne Morgan, a family practice physician in Palm Beach Florida and CMO of MMJHealthLabs.com, discovered for herself the power of cannabinoids to curtail injury before it turned her brain to mush.

Just over a half year ago Dr. Morgan was riding her horse when the saddle slipped and hurled her to the ground. Her hard fall left her with shattered bones and a blow to the head that put her in a coma for a week. Her prognosis was grim: walking or talking were not necessarily in her future. Luckily, her son Marshall, CEO of MMJHealthLabs, made it to the hospital and began administering oral CBD (cannabidiol) under her tongue while she was comatose. After a week of treatment, she awakened, and with therapy and a steady cannabinoid regimen, she has regained almost all of her functioning. Her doctors and neurosurgeon agreed that cannabinoids helped her recover; in fact, they concur that without cannabinoids she probably wouldn’t have been able to do the interview you’re about to hear.

Anne’s case is not an anomaly. In the 1990s there was a smattering of promising preclinical research from Israel about cannabinoids being able to stop the toxic effects of brain trauma if administered shortly after injury occurs. But there were problems with the clinical trials and the pharmaceutical company pursuing the research pulled the plug. Now, I know it’s unlikely that the current regime running the NFL would fund a cannabis research study – what would all of those beer companies think! – but with increasing numbers of their players getting early onset dementia in their 40s and with no other treatment on the horizon – it would be the most compassionate thing the League honchos could do.

Anne’s story brings the issue to light.

Joe Dolce