Episode 63 - Robots vs small craft farmers…the race to genetically engineer CBD from algae...The future of cannabis is thrilling, scary and nothing like you could have imagined 5 years ago

As CEO of the venture capital fund Canopy Rivers, Narbe´ Alexandrian hears an amazing 7 new business pitches a day! In this episode he lets us in on what he's hearing...robots vs small craft farmers…the race to genetically engineer CBD from algae...and so much more.


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Narbe´ Alexandrian is a very busy man. He is president and CEO of Canopy Rivers, the venture capital affiliate of Canopy Growth, the world's largest cannabis company. This puts him in the very unique and privileged position of hearing and potentially capitalizing the future of cannabis, especially as markets and wallets continue to open.

In the last year Canopy Rivers has heard an extraordinary 1523 pitches (about 7 a day). Being exposed to this volume of ideas, potential products and services doesn’t make Narbe´ an oracle, but it does provide a view of what some of the smartest and technologically advanced heretics are conjuring.

Narbe´, who comes from the high flying world of tech investing, visited our “studios” (ok, more like a conference room in a friend’s office) in New York, to talk about just how quickly the intersection of cannabis, data and technology are revolutionizing what is increasingly looking like a brave new world of cannabis, with consequences that can't yet be determined. It’s fascinating. scary and nothing like what anyone could have imagined just five years ago.
Among the topics we dig into:  

  • The upcoming war between the robots and small craft farmers

  • Horticultural automation. Will industrially grown cannabis be the new square tomato?

  • The race to genetically engineer CBD from algae or yeast

  • How biologists are trying to “manufacture” cannabis that’s 5 times more psychoactive than the strongest strain today at a fraction of the cost

  • How AI will create strains that are precisely targeted to your health problems or the high you desire.

Joe Dolce