Episode 33 - Coal or Cannabis? Why is Trump giving Canada the headstart on the next great American industry?

While America tries to revive the corpse that is coal, Canada is heading full speed ahead into cannabis. Steve Klein, CEO of Flowr, tells us what's really going on north of the border.


While angry Creamsicle-in-Chief is still trying to figure out how to revive the corpse that is the American coal industry and inciting all sort of unnecessary trade wars with our past friends and future frenemies, Canada is legalizing adult-use cannabis this October and already reaping the benefits.

A recent analysis from Deloitte shows that “smokable marijuana” in the nation to our north will generate $5 billion in revenue in 2019; once edibles are legalized the following year, revenues are set to spike to between $12 and $22 billion. Other estimates show that the Canada will need 100,000-150,000 workers right now to keep the business cranking. How many coal miners are really going to be put back to work…and for how long, even if prima Donald manages to fire up a few filthy coal plants in West Virginia.

Con Don appears embarrassingly clueless about the opportunity he is missing. He is handing Canada an enormous head start on export, production and the fast-breaking advances in growing and manufacturing.

To understand the size of this mega-missed opportunity and to get a view into what’s happening to the north, this week’s guest is Steve Klein, the CEO and co-founder of Flowr, one of the fastest growing Canadian brands. Last March, Flowr joined forces with Hawthorne, a subsidiary of Scotts Miracle-Gro, to build a research and development facility in Kelowna, British Columbia that will focus on developing nutrient formulas, lighting, irrigation, and integrated cultivation systems. Agriculture, science and technology: those are essential the ingredients almost any industry of the future.

So, place your bets: Coal or cannabis? The answer is obvious to everyone except the Great White Dopes running the country.

Joe Dolce