Episode 25 - Use Less and Feel So Much More

Follow Dr. Dustin Sulak's brilliant six-day method of rensensitizing your body's cannabinoid receptors.


Dustin Sulak, DO is one of the world's most experienced clinicians in medical cannabis. He has treated over 18,000 patients from his clinics in Maine and has developed a method of “receptor resensitization” that allow users of all persuasions to cut their dosages (and expenses) and feel more benefits.

The 6-day protocol is easy:
Days 1 & 2: Stop using all cannabis. During this abstinence begin a program of stress free, calming exercise (yoga, walking, tai chi) and alter your diet to get the body’s “inner pharmacy” to produce more cannabinoids. That includes upping your intake of Omega 3 fatty acids by eating salmon, mackerel or hemp seeds, in addition to raw cacao or dark chocolate.
Days 3, 4, 5 & 6: Continue the above, but begin inhaling only a minimal amount of cannabis until you feel something. That means take one puff and wait five minutes. If you feel nothing, take another. When you detect even the slightest sensation, stop. You’ve initiated the resenitization process. At the same time, take an inner inventory: What is that tiny dose doing to your breath or heart rate? Are you comfortable or not? How does it make you feel?

“My patients who do this every 90 days are amazed at how much more relief with so much less cannabis. Even though this amount is just above the threshold of awareness, it’s enough of a dose to protect the brain and cause a shift of physiology.”

This method of dosing may not be as much fun if you enjoy THC, but if you’re interested in getting the most from your cannabis I suggest you download this episode, listen to it several times, and share it as widely as you can. You can also learn more about Dustin at Healer.com.

Joe Dolce