Episode 13 - How Cannabis Can Enhance Performance For Athletes, Coders and Creatives

Seibo Shen, creator of the VapeXhale vaporizer and a jiu-jitsu champ, on the ways the plant enhances motor skills and the creative process. He's living proof of its powers.


Not only has Shen invented the world’s best vaporizer for concentrates, he’s also a former stuntman, an undefeated jiu-jitsu fighter and ping pong champion, a staunch advocate for Asian Americans in the cannabis community and an advocate for cannabis as a performance enhancing plant for athletes, coders and anyone in the creative field. He’s also a fantastic story teller.

He started using cannabis to help him recover after a workout but quickly saw that used mindfully, it “activated” and “focused” his performance. (It doesn’t work for everyone, he says, and has developed an assessment tool to determine if it will negatively impact motor skills). Shen is a cannabis evangelist, a self-defined expert and who is known for skateboarding around the Bay Area in a t-shirt that says, “Ask me about medical cannabis.”

He’s also got some interesting ideas about why it’s has been so tough for Asian Americans to enter the cannabis business and how the stereotype of having small penises keeps them down. Not many men are willing to tackle about this topic, but Shen is a rebel with many causes and a great story teller to boot. 

Joe Dolce