Join Joe Dolce, former Editor-in-chief of Details magazine, as he travels the globe to investigate the world's most magical & maligned plant.

From grow houses in California to labs in Tel Aviv, Joe uncovers the odd, shocking, and wildly funny history of a complex plant that has transfixed the world for thousands of years.

One man. 30,527 miles. Quite the trip.

“Exploring the brave new world of weed in the Bay Area and beyond”

“Brief But Spectacular: "We're at a tipping point right now in the legalization of cannabis”

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“Dolce travels to the new frontier of cannabis, shedding light on everything you didn’t know about weed (and didn’t even think to ask)”

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“Reefer Gladness: A loving rethink of all things marijuana by the former Details editor in chief”

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"After a merciful sleep I woke up shaken but fine, except for a throat frayed from stomach acids flowing in the wrong direction. Still, the upheaval was a stern reminder that no plant intoxicant, benign or otherwise, is 100% predictable. Pot has always been known as a fickle woman. If this relationship was to continue, I needed to understand her capriciousness."

An excerpt from Brave New Weed

”Brave New Weed is a delightful, even joyous, book, filled with fascinating information...”

Barbara Ehrenreich,

Nickel & Dimed


“...King of Kush Joe Dolce has opened up this control freak's mind...”

Moon Zappa,

America the Beautiful

John Waters,
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Plus more from Ethan Nadelmann, Julie Holland, MD, Brad Gooch, Dr. Andrew Weil, and Michael Backes

“The ultimate ‘Just Say Yes!’ book. I got a contact high from reading it.”

“Dolce is a genial and engaging narrator with a knack for breaking down complex science…”

Everyone is talking about Brave New Weed

A journalist for more than two decades, Joe Dolce has written for dozens of national magazines and interviewed leaders in business, media, the arts and sciences – Hugh Hefner, Barry Diller, Dr. Andrew Weil, Julia Child, Dr. Antonio Damasio, to name but a few.

He was a key player at ​Details​ magazine, first as a Senior Editor and then as Editor-in-chief. Under his leadership ​Details​ won two National Magazine Award nominations. Joe went on to co-found the first web-based fashion news service,, and after that was handpicked by the editorial director of American Media, to transform ​Star from supermarket tabloid into a glossy magazine as editor-in-chief.

Brave New Weed is Joe's debut book.

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