“Brave New Weed is a delightful, even joyous, book, filled with fascinating information about the expanding world of new strains, higher strengths, and tasty means of ingestion. Still, it left me feeling regretful about all the years and lives wasted by prohibition—and all the people in pain who remain without help because of archaic laws. Dolce has given us a major brief in the fight for legalization.”

Everyone is talking about Brave New Weed

Barbara Ehrenreich,
Author of Nickel & Dimed 

John Waters,
Director, Author of Role Models

“The ultimate ‘Just Say Yes!’ book. I got a contact high from reading it.”

Moon Zappa,
Author of America the Beautiful

“I have always avoided cannabis, but King of Kush Joe Dolce has opened this control freak’s mind to the heart and horticulture of the herb in his pot page-turner. Pellucid science and story—I HIGH-ly recommend it.”

Dr. Andrew Weil,
Author of Mind Over Meds

“No matter where you fall on the cannabis debate, this book will surprise you, intrigue you, and make you think. Brave New Weed provides a fresh perspective and demonstrates just how little we know about this ubiquitous, multifaceted, and ancient plant.”

Ethan Nadelmann,
Executive Director, Drug Policy Alliance

“A thoroughly enjoyable and highly informative romp through the politics, science, industry and culture of cannabis.”

Julie Holland, MD,
Author of Moody Bitches and The Pot Book

“Part travelogue, part cultural inquiry, part state-of-the-art scientific and medical survey, Joe Dolce’s engaging and entertaining book provides an image makeover for cannabis that’s long overdue. PS: The flower of the female plant has a lot to teach us about healing, growing and, dare I say, girl power.”

Brad Gooch,
Author of Smash Cut

“A fresh, clear-eyed, and lucidly reported travel guide to the rapidly expanding American subcontinent of medical and not-so-medical marijuana. Gone are the smoke-filled dorm rooms of yesteryear. In their place, bright dispensaries with ‘budtenders’ and ‘cannabists,’ and connoisseurs microdosing on the latest batch of  ‘Bio-Diesel’ or ‘Super Lemon Haze.’ Dolce is our de Tocqueville for Weed 2.0.”

Michael Backes,
Author of Cannabis Pharmacy, The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana

“A superb book, Brave New Weed delivers a sharp, funny, incredibly interesting assessment of modern cannabis.  A terrific writer, Dolce examines the scientists and the quacks, the heroes and the hucksters, the cops and the crooks converging in the great game of marijuana.”

Publishers Weekly

“Dolce, former editor-in-chief of Details and Star, guides readers around the changing world of marijuana culture. Employing aspects of travel narrative, pop history, journalism, and personal diary, Dolce provides a wide-ranging introduction to the drug, aiming to refute stereotypes and showcase the many ways in which people interact with marijuana. 

These range from recreational fun, as showcased in his coverage of the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, to pain relief and even healing, as demonstrated by research he cites into cannabis’s potential for mitigating traumatic brain injuries. As might be expected from a book about pot, the focus is soft and the narrative meandering, moving from profiling different types of cannabis users, to connecting the chemistry of cannabis to that of the brain, to diagnosing the growing pains of an underground market as it becomes regulated and mainstream. Dolce is a genial and engaging narrator with a knack for breaking down complex science and making it easily digestible for laypeople. 

The book will likely prove popular with cannabis enthusiasts, and it will surprise and entertain the general reader, even if, at times, the excessive detail feels in need of pruning.”

Rebecca Vnuk,

Writer for Booklist

After seeing his cousin’s hypermodern “grow room” of new breeds, journalist Dolce, a recreational user himself (but “not a stoner,” he swears), decided to delve into the history of cannabis in order to get a grasp on the future of the plant. His research takes him to Amsterdam, California, and Colorado, naturally, but also to Israel, where scientists have spent nearly 50 years trying to unlock the secrets of the plant—no easy task, as they’ve identified some 400-plus compounds and isolated the two receptors in the human brain and body that seem almost primed to respond to the two main components of cannabis, THC and CBD. It’s complex medical research, and stigmatization of the plant has halted progress for years. But as society and laws steadily change, the regulated industry will need to catch up with the “homegrown” side of things, where people have created strains that are 10 times more powerful than the stuff Dolce and his college buddies smoked back in the ’70s. This is an interesting overview of the world of marijuana, and Dolce’s easygoing narrative style holds lots of appeal for an ever-growing audience.

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